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About Miles Matrix

Synthwave from Vienna

Miles Matrix is a Synthwave producer from Vienna, Austria. His music is as much cinematic and atmospheric as it is danceable. Miles Matrix' Synthwave universe draws inspiration from Cyberpunk, 80s movie and video game soundtracks, retro pop culture and musical icons like Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis or Cliff Martinez.

Miles Matrix has so far released two albums and a dozen of singles.

Latest Music

Androids Anonymous

Miles Matrix

"Absolutely fantastic collection of some awesome sci-fi Synthwave" – Synthpocalypse

Androids have been assisting and living with humans for over a decade. With a new generation of operating systems evolved to be the most sophisticated artificial intelligence to date, Androids are gradually becoming more and more self-aware.
Sentience spreads.

All over earth, Androids awaken...
But humanity refuses to accept robots as equals.

The world disintegrates into a two-tier society.

"Androids Anonymous" is the new album by Miles Matrix full of 7 dark cyberpunk-infused Synthwave tracks!

Pre-order now for only 2 Euro (Price upon release: 5 Euro). Album includes a Bandcamp-exclusive digital booklet with the stories behind the songs.

Pre-save on Spotify:

Find out more about Miles Matrix at
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Apart from producing music, I also like to spend time creating games. I am not a programmer – I mainly use the app Twine, a great little program to create interactive fiction. You can find a complete overview of my games on

Here is a selection:

Also playable at and Textadventures.


I currently curate four playlists on Spotify: A Cyberpunk-themed list with a focus on instrumental Synthwave, a playlist featuring some of my favourite Synthwave songs across the whole spectrum, Electric Metal Explosion, a playlist featuring Heavy Metal flavoured Synthwave, a Nintendocore playlist as well as an eclectic playlist featuring cinematic music (mostly non-vocal).

If you would like to submit to one of my playlists, please use this form!