A couple of updates: New Music and Playlists

So it's been a little quieter over the summer but I haven't been idle. Far from it, actually. For one, expect new music, starting end of August.

I will be releasing a string of singles, with a new song dropping approximately every month til December. The first song will be released on August 30, and is called Your Next Mission. A driving synthwave / outrun song with an anthemic chorus. Pre-save it here and get it straight in your release radar!

As I mentioned on Twitter a while back, my music is getting darker and harder, which I am very happy with. From all the new songs, Your Next Mission is probably the happiest tunes. But I don't want to spill the beans too much yet. Make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Spotify, and consider signing up for my newsletter.

In other news, some of my playlists have been doing really well. I currently curate three playlists on Spotify: A Cyberpunk-themed list with a focus on instrumental Synthwave, a playlist featuring some of my favourite Synthwave songs across the whole spectrum, Electric Metal Explosion, a playlist featuring Heavy Metal flavoured Synthwave, as well as an eclectic playlist featuring cinematic music (mostly non-vocal). If you would like to submit to one of my playlists, please use this form!