Buena Vista: Track-by-track Commentary

It's been thrilling to witness what thoughts and images the songs from my album Buena Vista have sparked in reviewers and other listeners – it's quite humbling to be honest when you think of it: People listening to your music and being inspired by it. 

When composing and producing the album I obviously had my very own thoughts about every song. Here is a track-by-track commentary detailing my personal relation to the songs on Buena Vista.

01 Night Striker

A Youtube commenter on Luigi Donatello's channel described this song as "i turn this on in my headphones when i'm hunting poison dart frogs in the rain forest", and while I head car chases through neon-lit Los Angeles in mind, I think his description is picture perfect.

02 Starpilot

I like to imagine many of my songs as short stories with the music as their soundtrack. "Starpilot" for me is a campy sci-fi opera. Think Pirates of the Carribean, but somewhere in space. You're the recruit of Space Force and it's your first day on the job. This is your soundtrack.

03 Super Getaway Driver: Miami

The song title really speaks for itself – it's the score for a heist involving muscle cars. I am a massive fan of motorsports and one of my hopes is that maybe one day Formula One pilots like Esteban Ocon or Mick Schumacher will listen to my music. A boy's gotta dream.

04 Adventure Club

Probably the most personal song on the album and maybe my favorite as well: When I was a kid, my dad used to take us for adventures and explorations in the woods behind our house. He even printed explorers certificates when we returned home. In the forest there were craters from World War II bombs, but in our imagination we had discovered dinosaur graves. 

05 You did good, kid

This song features samples from an old science fiction movie called "Assignment: Outerspace" and the samples set the tone for this atmospheric and slow piece. It is a very melancholic song and I can easily imagine it being the score for a tragic twist in a story. This would probably be the final song in my show's set list.

06 Stay a while, stay forever

One of two vocal synthwave songs on the album, this track is dedicated to one of my best mates, M. He died a couple of years back in a bike accident, but when I was a kid, we spent nights on end playing video games together. One of my fondest memories is completing Secret of Mana on the Super Nintendo as a team. 

07 Main Force Patrol 

While producing the album I rewatched all Mad Max movies. The Road Warrior is still my favorite, but I was blown away by the raw energy of the first film, and a title taken from it fitted perfectly to the by far most punk rock track on the album. 

08 Enemy Mine 

The lyrics of course can be applied to any relationship. But I wrote this song last year during a phase in which it wasn't clear whether we would be able to keep our beloved dog, a rescued street dog with severe trauma and behavioral disorders. It was a tough period which sent both my girlfriend and myself spiralling from sadness, but ultimately we were able to keep the dog and carry on together. It was only in hindsight that I realized the song is basically about our dog. The title is borrowed from an 80s science fiction film I liked a lot.