Miles Matrix

Miles Matrix is a Synthwave producer and DJ. Making his debut with the album Buena Vista in 2018 Miles Matrix has since released several albums and EPs, as well as contributions to compilations. Since 2021 he has been the DJ and host of ARCADEGLITCH - The Retrowave Mix.

Discover Miles Matrix' music on all major streaming platforms and buy it on Bandcamp – his latest album is the 80s Electro-infused LA BOUM!

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Miles Matrix

"Old-school Breakdance-oriented Electro-Funk and Club-oriented Dance beats ... LA BOUM is most definitely the throwback party you’ve been waiting for. Standing still isn’t an option."


An 80s Electro-inspired Retrowave album by Miles Matrix. Available as Digital Download, on Compact Disc and ultra-limited MiniDisc.

New York City Club Culture of the 80s meets Breakdance and Old School Hip Hop. 808 and 909 breakbeats, mono synth hooks and squelchy bass patterns come together with tight vocoder action and glistening pads. This is LA BOUM by MILES MATRIX. A fusion of Synthwave and Electro.

"La Boum" is a French colloquialism from the 80s for "Party", made popular by the movie of the same name. While there is no connection to the film, I like the expression a lot, not least because of the double entendre in regards to Boum -> Boom with an album full of 808s.

When I was a kid, I had a cassette tape full of "Breakdance Music". At that age, I had no idea what "genres" were, let alone cared about them. I called it "Breakdance Music" because my classmate, who was well into breakdance, had taped it for me. I listened to it everyday till the tape wore out, but the seed was planted, and from there I started exploring the broad spectrum of electronic music. It was only years later that I discovered my "Breakdance Music" was in fact a mixtape full of 80s Electro, Electro Funk and Oldschool Hip hop. The tape is long gone, but my love for Electro stayed. And I decided to create my very own mixtape of "Breakdance Music", my humble tribute to the genres of Electro and Electro Funk. Voilà LA BOUM.

Thank you:
In the grand scheme of things I am insignificant but I nonetheless would like to pay homage to the pioneers of Electro / Electro Funk, the many, predominantly black, artists, who led the way and filled dancefloors with their bangers, bangers by the likes of Divine Sounds, Captain Rock, Egyptian Lover, Newcleus, Mark Kamins, Grandmaster Flash, Information Society, Ice-T, Jonzun Crew, Chris "The Glove" Taylor, Cybotron, Hashim, Twilight 22, Run DMC, Larry Levan, Kraftwerk and many others, as well as the rich history of clubs like Paradise Garage or Danceteria, whose inspiration can't be overstated. "LA BOUM" is a tribute to the era and the artists that shaped it.
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